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העיניים החכמות 2.jpg

Those wise eyes that see everything. They know how you feel and what you’re thinking about. And what makes you sad and why you laugh. Those kind eyes know how to solve and know how to ask. They look at you and make you feel good and that everything is going to be all right. Those sensitive eyes convey a look that hides a special bond between him and you. Those eyes.


And the smile in the corner of the mouth. That eternal smile that makes you smile, too. It can be sarcastic or cynical, but it is always kind and loving. That amazing smile knows you have to take everything humorously, because there’s no other way. It radiates tranquility and calm, and talks to you without saying a word. That angelic smile forms slowly, and with a little effort on your part it might turn into laughter. That smile.


And the enormous heart. And the endless wisdom. And the special sense of humor. And the refined sense of justice. And the maturity. And the mischievousness. And the talent. And the modesty. And the conversations. And the silences. And the embrace.


And all that beauty.

And how it is all missed.

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