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First and foremost, huge thanks to the family that has walked with us on our difficult path. For the warmth and love, for being with us always.

To Ido’s friends, and ours, who accompany us. You have become part of the family.

To the El Al staff in London, for coming to our aid, for your support and warm concern.

To Svanur Larusson, director of the Air Ground Rescue Organization in Hella, to the team members and the volunteers who set off in that terrible blizzard to look for Ido. Thank you from the depths of our hearts to each and every one of you.

To Israel’s honorary consul in Iceland, Pall Arnor Palsson, and his wife, Ragna, for your caring support and help at the time of the catastrophe, and a year later, on our journey to Iceland.

To Fanney Gunnarsdottir, Marianne Guckelsberger, Mikael Tal Gretarsson, Gardar Thorfinnsson and Johann Thorarensen, for the sensitivity, the huge heart, and the support.

To the Search and Rescue team members who accompanied us on our journey in Iceland and helped set up the memorial.

To Gidon Burcat for the efforts, talent, creativity and sensitivity.

And to all the good people who lent a hand and accompanied us: heartfelt gratitude.


The Keinans

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